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October 22 - November 4

Jill Dickman received an A+ rating and the endorsement from the National Rifle Association


About Jill Dickman

As a life-long conservative Republican, I believe in, and will fight for the traditional Republican principles of lower taxes, smaller/less intrusive/limited government and more personal freedom and responsibility for all of us.

Jill's Stance on the Issues

Economic Development for Nevada

With the increase in Nevada’s economic recovery it is important that we create an environment in which job creators can succeed. With Tesla and Switch moving into our area, we will likely see an influx in new residences. As your representative in the Nevada State Assembly, I want to make sure that our business climate is conducive to the economic development that will be necessary to keep up with our growth and make District 31 a more prosperous place.


Accountability in Education Spending

In light of the increased education spending that was implemented during the last legislative session it is critically important that we now require that our money is spent responsibly. We must ensure that any investment of taxpayer dollars is spent in the most responsible and efficient way possible.


Assembly Joint Resolution 8

This crucial piece of legislation, which was my bill, was passed in the 78th Legislative Session requires a two-thirds vote of the people in order to pass a ballot initiative that increases taxes and fees in the State of Nevada. As your representative I want to ensure that your taxes and fees are not raised without your express consent.


Voter ID

It is critically important to the integrity of our electoral process in the state of Nevada to ensure that those who cast ballots are who they say that they are. As your Assemblywoman, I have made it my mission to keep our elections honest and make sure that your vote counts.


Campus Carry

Due to the recent tragedies that have occurred on our college campuses around the country I think it is important that our young Nevadans have the right to protect themselves from those who would do them and their fellow students harm. It is not equitable that our Constitutional rights end once someone walks onto a campus.



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